About Us

About me

Our cattery is located in Kuwait , we are specializing in breeding Bi-Color Persian cats
Most of our babies carry ( Blue & Odd Eye Gene For Bi-Colors ) .

My cattery & my babies are registered in CFA,
we sponcor & show our cats every year in the CFA cats show by K-CATS CLUB.

My cats are living free, spoiled and happy in our home getting all the love, care from me & my family.

Located in Kuwait.
Specializing on pure top show Persians.
Most of my cats are bi–colours , ( BE & OE carriers with only one tortishell maria ☺ wich I also conseder a bi colour.
My cattery & my babys are registered in CFA & TICA .
All my cats are in my home and gets all the care & love from me and my family

My Aim is to breed a mix of the following charecterstic

  • Healthy
  • Large round head
  • Big round eyes
  • Short ears & nose
  • Beautiful face
  • Thick long coat
  • Friendly temperament
  • DNA PKD neg
  • Show quality

Special thanks to


My Mom
k-Cats chair Mrs Sandra Alsumait
k-Cats vice president Mrs Najla Salmeen
Aliya Al-faris
Mohammed Dasti
my photographer Mohammed Altubaiykh

For Helping & always being there for me